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Dividoo - Reworking Workspaces

"Enshape delivered visualizations of quality! Visualizing the product in use environment brings it completely to life. Enshape helped us to beautifully reflect the feel of our brand in the images. A process that always requires some back and forth but was very easy due to good communication during the collaboration." - Dividoo

Our team was challenged to create realistic visualizations for Dividoo, an ambitious start-up whose goal is to innovate and improve workspaces by increasing their flexibility. Enshape's work was used to successfully present the developed concept to investors and customers. After the impressions these visuals made in the presentation, Dividoo decided to further develop and realize this concept.The latest technologies and tools were used to create realistic 3D visualizations of Dividoo's workspace concept. The images show the flexible fan concept in spatial context and give a good idea of what they will look like in practice.One of the biggest challenges in this project was to make the visualizations as realistic as possible, while at the same time taking into account Dividoo's specific requirements and wishes. Part of this was to make the visuals match Dividoo's corporate identity. Our team worked closely with the client to solve these challenges and deliver a product that met their expectations.‍




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