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Eco-Runner - Worlds most efficient hydrogen city car

"We are very satisfied with the professional cooperation and good communication. With the fantastic result, Enshape visualized our design at a high level" - Eco-Runner

Enshape was challenged to visualize and present Eco-Runner's innovative vision of sustainable mobility in an impressive and informative way. The visualizations created by Enshape put Eco-Runner on the map in various media. The project demonstrated how Enshape can contribute to the realization of its clients' ambitions and support them in attracting partners and investors.Enshape's task was to create a video for the public presentation of Eco-Runner's latest concept, the world's most efficient hydrogen car. With this concept, Eco-Runner aims to break the world record for the longest distance on hydrogen without refueling.In the video, the design of the car is revealed and presented, as well as its operation. Enshape was challenged to keep the balance between aesthetics and technical information, so that both the appearance and functionality of the car could be conveyed to the public in a clear way.‍


Eco-Runner Team Delft


Concept Visualisatie