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Forze Hydrogen Racing - The future of motorsports

"Enshape really did a custom job and managed to put up some great visuals that allow us to present our team well!" - Forze

For Forze Hydrogen Racing, Enshape Design Studio created several visualizations of their design. This talented student team from Delft is working on the development of a sustainable and high-performance electric hydrogen car. By showing what is possible with hydrogen technology, Forze is working towards a sustainable future of motorsports and the mobility industry.‍

At Enshape Design Studio, we believe in the power of close collaboration. In our way of working, we like to send our clients interim results. This way, our clients are always aware of our development and there is time for interim feedback. This way we work together to achieve the best end result. This project was no exception, and we worked together with the client toward a result that met all expectations.

High-quality visuals are essential and easy to use for various purposes. Consider evaluating your design without creating a costly physical model and quickly presenting your product to partners, investors and customers. Enshape Design Studio's visualization service therefore offers high freedom and flexibility. In addition, we tailor the visuals to the client's specific requirements. For example, the visualizations for this project were delivered in high color depth, making them extremely flexible in application.


Forze Hydrogen Racing


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