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Peeleaz - Potato Pealer

Internal design assignment applying all phases to the design of a safe and comfortable peeler.

Our services are regularly tested internally. We do this so that we ourselves can remain critical in improving our customer-oriented services and discover new possibilities. To do this, we scrutinize an existing assignment or initiate a design assignment ourselves, covering virtually all phases. For this assignment, an everyday product was evaluated and redesigned by our team.

In the kitchen, on average, most accidents happen while working (CBS, 2021). The safety of the environment and the materials to be used is therefore of great importance and has been the focus of the design. The result is a thin peeler that is simple but above all safe to operate, designed to be used by everyone.

the comfort and aesthetics of several existing designs were firmly scrutinized and resulted in the final design which prevents slippage and complaints after prolonged use due to the ergonomic aspects of the design.


Private Project


Interactieve Brainstorm, Product Sketching, Fysiek Prototype, Digital Design & Rendering