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WOO 4.0 - The New Standard of Kitesurfing

"One of Enshape's strengths is their professionalism and structured approach. From the first contact, they had a clear process and were very transparent about the cost and time the project would take. It was nice to see that they listened carefully to our wishes and feedback and translated them into beautiful renders. We were impressed with the details and finish. Another aspect in which Enshape excelled was their speed of response. They were able to move quickly and adapt. In short, we are very satisfied and can heartily recommend the company to others." - WOO Sports

One of our proud projects is our collaboration with WOO Sports on the launch of their newest product, the WOO 4.0. WOO Sports is an innovative sports technology company focused on kitesurfing. The company has developed a revolutionary product, the WOO 4.0, a kitesurfing board sensor that captures all the jumps and tricks of kitesurfers and makes this data insightful for the kiter and his/her network.Throughout a great collaboration, we worked towards realistic, clear and attractive visualizations of the WOO 4.0 that showcased both essential parts of the design and the functionality of the product. Finally, careful consideration was given to WOO Sports' brand identity and target audience.


WOO Sports


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