We are enshape

We love to enable creatives to pursue their passion with us

The Enshape Approach

Fresh and fast moving

Enshape is fresh and fast moving. We’re known for our no-nonsense, to the point approach. Close communication with our clients enable us to create the designs they love. We love to understand, explore, sketch, build, prototype, visualise, test and celebrate. We have one big thing in common, we love design. Originally founded by 3 TU Delft students the studio only continues to grow.

Our Environment

Based in Delft

Our studio is based in Delft where we’re surrounded by new tech and innovation. We have close relationships with amazing and upcoming design talent of the TU Delft and love to involve them in our projects to show them how much their skills are worth.  From our studio in Delft we collaborate with our clients to pursue their vision and create something meaningful, together.

Our Culture

We Challenge Ourselves

At Enshape we believe you learn by doing. We continue to push ourselves and take on new challenges to grow. We’re comfortable with the unknown and the chaos from creativity. We value strong collaboration in our team and the skills and knowledge each individual contributes.

Our Tools

The Studio

While our 3D printers are busy we’re playing in the workshop building new prototypes or sketching the best ideas on our drawing tablets. We love our design tools and don’t have much heating costs since our world class rendering workstations take care of that.

A Team We’re Proud of

Daan Rijpkema
Sem Tip
Sam van der Ploeg
Dion Vijverberg
design engineer